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CRP 204 - By The Numbers

Since CRP204 began in 2009, we have received 1674 computers. 935 laptop computers and 739 PC's.

In 2014, this table shows some fun numbers of what we did this year.

561 Laptops Received, HP 6735b model, AMD Athlon X2 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 150GB hard drive, DVD drive.
15 Laptops in poor or unusable condition
1 Bad hard drive connector
12 Bad LCD displays or backlights
1 Bad motherboard or on-board video
Laptops in bad condition that were scrapped for parts
2 Different model laptop HP 6715b that needs to be loaded differently
Fun Numbers
27.00 Student volunteers and adults
510.25 Volunteer Service Hours, from 1/1/14-8/29/14
25.00 32 GB Flash Drives
24.00 Rolls of Paper Towels
4.00 Bottles of 12 oz Goo Gone Spray
11.00 Garbage Bags
3.00 Bottles of 32 oz Windex
4.00 Liters of Windex
84.00 Cans of soda
48.00 Bottles of Soda
44.00 Pounds of Ice
10.00 Pizzas
25.00 Sandwiches
$109.99 Estimated Street Value of one HP 6735b notebook
$61,704.39 Total Estimated Value of District 204 allocation before taking into account bad systems
86.75 Service Hours Donated by Integral Corporation
$ 13,012.50 Value of Service hours donated by Integral Corporation
$2.05 Estimated cost to refurbish one laptop for one student


# of Computers Processed to give to Students Since the Program Began in 2009

# Year
165 2009
321 2010
0 2011
213 2012
543 2014
1242 Total


Initially received 526 Dell PC's that were allocated in 2009 and 2010 school years
165 Dell PC's & CRT displays distributed to schools. Totals: 200 Dell PC's, 25 bad, 5 stored @ ARDS, 5 stored @ Integral as spares to replace failed units.


364 CRT displays available. Totals: 380 CRT displays, 364 good, 14 given to volunteers, 2 bad
307 Dell PC's available. Totals: 326 Dell PC's, 14 given to volunteers, 5 bad units.


No computers were received from District 204 in 2011, due to economic conditions their retirement pushed back 1 year.


213 HP dc7600 and dc7700 Computers were received. 12 were given to volunteers, 3 to Rebuilding Together Aurora for their assistance and insurance coverage. A team of 28 volunteers contributed 329 hours of service.

561 HP 6735b notebooks were received. 505 given to students, 2 for math Digits program, 21 for volunteers, 33 broken/damaged. With a team of 26 volunteers we have provided over 463 hours of service so far to our community. On August 4th, Day 1 of our project, we set a new record and completed 272 computers. On Day 2, we finished another 212 computers. As we proceded into Days 2 and 3 we began working on the computers that needed more serious repair, with bad keys, LCD panels, which took more time to complete. 510 hours of service were provided by the team of 25 student volunteers.

374 HP notebooks received. 299 x HP 6455b's and 75 x 3115m notebooks. Over 405 hours of service was provided by our team of 14 student volunteers.


Depending on the news article, and where we are in the process, we may quote different numbers of computers that we have received for our project. Counting the computers is often difficult because we sometimes lose track in our counts - which is easy to do when the computers are spread out all over two rooms in different piles, getting moved around, some end up being bad and need to be recycled, we keep getting more from the incredibly generous district, and ... well, the teens are counting them So our numbers can vary a bit until the end stage of the project when things stop moving around, and we can count them more easily.

CRP203 - Naperville District 203 program ended in 2013.

2008-2013 - During the course of this project, we refurbished over 1100 computers to students in need, and sold over 1000 excess computers back to the public, generating revenue for the Naperville Education Foundation.