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1674 Computers for Kids!

Since 2009, the Computer Redeployment Program (CRP204) has processed 1,674 computers retired by Indian Prairie School District 204 and given them back to students in the district. Our team of student volunteers cleans, reloads and repairs the computers and our volunteers learn valuable team, technology, and leadership skills. Over the years, more than 150 student volunteers have participated in the program for in District 203 and 204.

The cost to clean and re-image one laptop is less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee. Laptops are given free to low-income students and presented to students by officials at their own school.

By redeploying equipment instead of sending them to a landfill, we keep an enormously valuable resource in the community that directly helps our most at-risk students, while also providing a substantial cost-savings for the district and taxpayers.


This project is made possible by many partnerships including local business, Indian Prairie School District 204, and the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation.

We received the “Those Who Excel Award” in 2009. This is the highest-level award given by the Illinois State Board of Education. In 2014, our volunteers received the silver President's Volunteer Service Award for providing over 500 hours of community service.

In combination with our sister project for District 203 we have taken 2,784 computers destined for recycling and given them back to kids in need and our community. Excess computers in the CRP203 program, beyond those needed by the students, were sold to the community, teaching our student volunteers about marketing and sales, and raised over $163,000 for the Naperville Education Foundation. The CRP203 program ended in 2013.